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Where do animals used for dissection come from?

Picture of a kitten with an inlet featuring a dead cat

Cats used for dissection may be lost, stray, or homeless animals who have been injected with formaldehyde and vacuum-sealed in plastic bags.

Picture of a frog on a log with an inlet featuring a dead frog in a plastic bag

Every year, millions of frogs are snatched from the wild, tossed into bags, and transported long distances just to be killed for dissection.

Picture of a mouse with an inlet featuring a dead mouse

Rats and other small animals used for dissection are nothing more than dollar signs to the companies who breed them and then sell their corpses.

Picture of a piglet eating with an inlet featuring a dead pig fetus in a plastic bag

At slaughterhouses, pregnant pigs' bellies are cut open and their babies are taken for dissection. Fetal pigs are killed before they even take their first breath.

We know that animal dissection is bad science. It's traumatic, not inclusive, and not the best way for students to learn. It's also not required by any science education standards—but teachers often continue assigning it only because it's the way they were taught. Students and animals deserve better.

Each of these species deserves to live happy and free from unnecessary suffering.

Cartoon frog graphic Cartoon bunny graphic

End Animal Dissection at Your School

Pledge to stick up for animals by asking your school to provide students with animal-free dissection options. After you pledge, we'll send you stickers, a button, and leaflets–all for free–to help spread the word!